Saturday, June 4, 2011

Staying the course

I created this blog quite a while ago, but did not know what to do with never ceases to amaze me how a moment can change everything. Leading up to today, I have actually had many "moments" that have brought me to "now" I defined myself as something I have always wanted but was afraid to do - call myself an artist. More to the point, I am a mosaic artist. I went to art school and studied commercial art to make a living and then proceeded to be just that - a designer, not an artist. The distinction may seem small, but for me it has been massive.

There was not one form of art I felt I could call my own. As one of my careers, I was an art teacher, able to create lesson plans and show techniques to students across a myriad of media. I had a friend, who asked me if I wanted to display my "art" a few years ago - but I did not. Nothing stuck.

Now, in this moment, I say with all my heart and soul..."I am a mosaic artist"...and I feel peace.

There were many moments in the year that I made the decision to "do mosaic art" something I sniffed around for quite sometime, but never had the courage to explore.

I hope to express the joys and frustrations as I begin this new journey- one that started with a simple first mosaic piece accepted into a juried national mosaic art exhibition.

And so the journey begins.

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